geomorfologia do desaparecimento




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Geomorfologia do Desaparecimento | 2015


Partial view of installation

Pigment on cotton paper and wood

815 x 58 x 315 mm (W x H x D)




"It was the mid-sixties, during the winter solstice, a modest mass of land emerged from the depths of the North Sea. Fastly, and followed by eruptions, it quickly reached the title of an island. Viewed by the few who witnessed his ascension, Jólnir succumbed months later in its fullness. They were his older sisters; and some evidence that credits his brief and vehement existence." _ // Text based on the formation of the island Jólnir, in south of Iceland //


From appropriations of photographic images of the formation of a small island, I attribute samples of volcanic rocks, acquired in Iceland capital, to the stages of ascension and descent of land mass from the eruptions of this rarely seen event.


Geomorfologia do Desaparecimento | 2015


Installation view

Vulcanic rocks, sewing thread, panel tacks,

pigment on cotton paper and wood

815 x 58 x 315 mm (W x H x D)