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These two works, Colapso and Lapso, form an installation that deal with issues relating to the various layers of a photographic image, which sometimes cross the physical dimensions. Geological events act as triggers, activating latent images imprisoned by time. In the video, the fruition of the static image is suspended by the sudden rupture of an ice block under the looks of tourists aboard a boat; Creating a new layer, a next image filled with information conceived by the geological action of the Glacier.


{Co}lapso is the sequence of research related to the potential of photographic images in different types of files or information storage devices. These archives, when opened and reordered, trigger possibilities of lethargic narratives and meanings. The landscape acquired here a function of connection with the public, bringing metaphors with contemporaneity by geological events.


Colapso | 2017


video- installation

3 channels | 16:9 | 2’39” | stereo | color




Lapso | 2017


installation detail

stone, acrylic resin, mineral pigment on paper

12,9 x 17,5 x 13,0 cm (W x H x D)




Colapso | 2017


video- installation

3 channels | 16:9 | 2’39” | stereo | colo