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'mano Saulé' ("my Sun" translated from Lithuanian into English) appeared in the Neringa forest, right after the NIDA Art Colony Residence. It was the spark for the project carried out the following year called 'min egen sol', in Norway.


The manipulation of a simple circular object, a magnifying mirror, aroused the desire to reproduce experiments and situations that would allow the creation or distortion of light sources. The subsequent reading of writings that dealt with luminous anomalies brought me a range of possibilities in the creation of narratives that oscillated between empirical science and oral stories involving supernatural situations.


Creative process | practical work conducted in the natural environment | Neringa forest (Lithuania)




Ball lightning , for instance, is an unexplained phenomenon described as luminescent, spherical objects that vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter.


Scientists have proposed a number of hypotheses to explain reports of ball lightning over the centuries, but scientific data on ball lightning remains scarce. The presumption of its existence has depended on reported public sightings, which have produced inconsistent findings. Owing to the lack of reproducible data, the existence of ball lightning as a physical phenomenon remains unproven.


Lampejos | 2018


Adhesive printing, copper plate and acrylic

259 x 200 x 41 mm (W x H x D))




mano Saulé | 2018


video | 16:9 | 2'50" | stereo | b&w and color




Mirror | 2018


video | 21:9 | 0'56" | stereo | b&w