the hummmmm




This project was held remotely during the Pivô - Research Residency programme (Brazil) due to the Covid-19 pandemic




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everything leads us to believe that there is a pattern ...

... a complex system.

we call these facts as occurrences

considering that they arose sporadically

a low frequency sound has been reported

... in different parts of the world

yes, the reports are similar

and the presence of gases

the algorithm was categorical ...

there is an interconnection with tropical fires

calm down, we are monitoring this over there.

my data is insufficient so far

we need time.

and avoid 'that' term

It is not convenient

but the community wants answers

time is running out

the data is being analyzed

it's still early

there is no secure projection algorithm

not now

the second sample, here

you see?







this variation is not included in the previous report

does not make sense

we must hide it

treat it as an anomaly?

do not use this term

follow the protocol .. it is not safe

hiding it could change the result

of course it would change

listen, it wouldn't be suitable now

So, when?


we need to enter the current data

collapse is inevitable

the previous algorithm was incorrect


How much time left ?


We don’t know

wait a little longer.



fires are increasing.








The Hummmmm | teaser | 2020

21:9 | 9'50" | stereo | color

* headphones required



- “A dialogue between two scientists; the need to wait to obtain conclusive results from experiments and algorithms; the anthropic actions that affect different places of the globe, because everything is interconnected in the biosphere. ”




The hummmmm (2020) is a video based on a supposed sound phenomenon of an inexplicable source. The project derives from reports obtained by decades of ordinary people in different parts of the world about the experience of hearing a strange low frequency noise. Independent researchers or enthusiasts began to order and classify these strange events in order to point out the possible sources of such occurrences. According to them, the number of testimonials (about 17 thousand) is too large to be dismissed as individual hysteria or belief in the supernatural.




This project was held remotely during the Pivô - Research residency programme. Focused mainly on studio practice and project follow-ups, the initiative is aimed at creating an environment that values experimentation, where individual research times are respected, and where artists and curators are provided with frequent interchanges.






The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.


* To hear the frequencies is recommended the use of headphone (notice: the 7.83 Hz resonance is imperceptible to human ears)




The sitemap showing thousands of

people reporting the "worldwide hum".


The media network Al Jazeera meets Glen MacPherson, a Canadian science teacher who is trying to find global evidence that there's something out there called the "worldwide hum”.

Al Jazeera's Daniel Lak reports from Canada's Pacific Coast.




Telefe Neuquén - Noises in the sky

of Neuquén (Argentina)



Since the 1970s, many people in cities across the globe have started hearing a strange hum. Join Linda Geddes from BBC Earth Lab in her hunt for an explanation as she interviews residents of Bristol in the UK who can hear a hum but have no idea where it's coming from.




Residents of a Windsor, Ontario, neighbourhood are on edge because of a mysterious humming noise that hasn't been identified.

The channel Local 4 took a look at the case of the mysterious hum.



Simulation of the Hum at 60Hz

* headphone required to hear the frequency.


why can I hear a humming sound in my head?

I hear a pulsing sound with electricity

I hear a pulsating hum in my head. What could it be?




I hear a slight high pitch frequency noise

I can hear a noise from next door like the sound of a transformer what are they doing?

why do I hear a humming from underground?

I hear humming, modulated buzzing

low-frequency sound in my house


low resonating sound hum

I live in an idyllic location but am suffering from noise pollution

low-frequency hum in ears

I hear a constant low hum in my house




constant low hum in my ear

I heard three different sound in my ear non-stop

why can I hear constant buzzing?

while all neighbours on wireless devices hum in my house

5 second intermittent humming vibration in house

thudding in my ear with headaches


humming of power lines

atlantic-hum constant




hear frequencies when trying to sleep.

[...] effects of low resonance noise on health.



The Hummmmm | video stills | 2020

21:9 | 9'50" | stereo | color




The Hummmmm | video installation | 2022

Mapping the Cartographic / Drugomore Gallery - Rijeka, Croatia

TV screen and headphones




The video “The Hummmmm” was showncased in 2021 at the “Belka’s Noise” event at Belkos Triukšmas by invitation of Karolina Sadlauskaitė in Vilnius (LT) and in the group exhibition “Algoritmo Cósmico” at Zipper Galeria, curated by Icaro Ferraz Vidal in São Paulo (BR). In 2022 he was part of the project “Mapping the Cartographic: Contemporary Approaches to Planetarization, curated by Rewilding Collective, on exhibition at the Drugomore Gallery in Rijeka (HR).

In 2023 the video was showcased in Bratislava (SK). A series of experiments that proposes new approaches to planetary thinking, highlighting the importance of listening and attuning to the sounds of the earth curated by Collective Rewilding (Sara Garzon & Sabina Oroshi) as part of 'A Plant' program  inutiated by Lýdia Pribišová (Kunsthalle Bratislava).

This programme was organised under the patronage of the Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo, realised with support of Brazilian embassy in Bratislava.